Bundaberg & District Hydroponics Society


These are a few photos of some club members simple hydroponic set ups growing a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers.

  • RosesRoses
  • PineapplePineapple
  • StrawberriesStrawberries
  • Herbs and Leafy VegetablesHerbs and Leafy Vegetables
  • TomatoesTomatoes
  • Polystyrene growing tubPolystyrene growing tub
  • Variety of plantsVariety of plants
  • SilverbeetSilverbeet
  • SeedlingsCucumbers
  • LettuceChinese Cabbage
  • HerbsSpinach
  • ParsleyParsley
  • Rocket and BasilRocket & Dark Opal Basil
    in Coco Peat
  • CeleryCelery
    2 weeks old in Coco Peat
  • Rainbow SilverbeetRainbow Silverbeet
    2 weeks old in Coco Peat
  • Wong BokWong Bok Cabbage
    2 weeks after planting
  • BeansBeans

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